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The center carries out the following:

1-Conducting researches and studies essential for the pillars the educational and teaching process in all its aspects whether theoretical or practical.The results of the conducted studies and researches are put to experimentation to test their validity and applicability before generalizing them.

2-Developing the educational curricula and the content of the study syllabuses; preparing the educational media and methodology and training the in-service teachers on them..

3-Conducting psychology researches and confronting the psychological problems that students suffer from; studying the conscious and unconscious motives which push some deviated and delinquent adolescents to commit crimes and abnormal behaviors that are harmful to the society and hence introdcing the due interventions that protect the socity from such crimes; and finally presenting these solutions to the socity from such crimes;and finally presenting these solution to the social establishments that use them for defending the peril that might affect the socity.




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