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HP_Project, Assiut UniversityTechnology can be seen as a critical complement to the educational experience, opening more opportunities for the students. As we know, today’s employees need to acquire and enhance core capabilities, such as working in teams, communication and problem solving. All these skills are promoted by advanced teaching technologies. Through the use of HP-Mobile Technology the project intends to enhance the quality of the graduates of the electrical engineering department to meet the needs of the work environment.


HP_Project, Assiut UniversityThere was always a strong need to addresses a very important problem in most of the universities in Egypt namely the quality of teaching and learning. In fact the need for developing a strong education system is imperative due to the fact that the world’s labor supply is globalized. Classical lectures including monotonous one directional electronic presentations (Power Point and the like) do not engage students sufficiently. Also the separation between theoretical material and applied design oriented activities represent a fundamental problem in electrical engineering education. All of these problems can find a solution when efficiently using mobile technology. Students will be more involved in the learning process, and their ability to work and learn collaboratively will be enhanced. Mixing theory with the design is made easy through the interactive environment and possible brain storming created by the mobile technology.

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