The office of international relations is an integral part of the university and monitored directly by the president of the university.

Mission of the office:

1- Complement and enhance the international activities of the     university by signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Assiut university and other international universities and institutes. The scientific and educational cooperation should be undertaken in areas of mutual interest on the basis of equal and mutual advantage in the following ways: Exchange of visits by scholars; participation in research programmes; sharing scientific information; documentation and scientific publications; study meetings and seminars.

2- Sponsoring local and international conferences and seminars, arranging for guest speakers and scholars to visit the university, and coordinating research activities on topics related to international affairs.

3- The office of international relations organizes numerous exciting events throughout the course of the year.  These events provide our faculty and students with the opportunity to meet and interact with leading academics and practitioners active in important aspects of today’s international environment.

4- Encourage mutually beneficial research and educational activities of immediate interest, including opportunities for postgraduate students to pursue advanced and terminal degrees as Master and PhD. 

5- Fostering and developing of the cooperative relationship between Assiut university and international universities through joint research projects of mutual interest.

6- Faculty Exchange: faculty members may apply to spend an academic semester or a shorter period at the other university serving as a visiting member of the teaching faculty or research staff.

7- Fostering the exchange of academic publications and scholarly information.



Arranging of MOU between Assiut University and Nigerian Universities
The office of international relations jointly with the Center of Nanomedicine of Assiut University is currently organizing the First International Conference on Nanotechnology and its Applications in Medicine. Eminent professors and speakers from national and international universities will be invited.


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