Department of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine

Head of depatment: Dr. Mostafa El-Sayed Abdalones Mohamed

Staff Member

1Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed El-Sayed Associate
2Dr. Mostafa El-Sayed Abdalones Mohamed Associate
3Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Hamid Ahmed Suleiman Associate
4Dr. Hamza Abbas Hamza Mohammed Associate
5Dr. Ebaa Ahmed Mohamed Hassanein Lecturer
6Dr. Sherif Mahmoud Abd Elrazek Helmy Lecturer
7Dr. Mona Mahmoud Sayed Lecturer
8Dr. Moamen Mohamed Omran Moustafa Aly
9Dr. Alia Mohamed Ali Attia
10Dr. Salwa Fathy Mohammed Abdel Aal
11Dr. Yasser Gaber Ali Abdelhafez
12Dr. Dalia Osama Mohamed Ahmed
13Dr. Shaimaa / Elsayyed Youssef / Ahmed Lecturer
14Dr. ُDalia Ahmed Mohamed Hassanein Lecturer
15Noha aly abdelmalik Assistant
16Asmaa salah ibrahim mohammed Assistant
17Osama mostafa Abdelbadee Abou elhassan Assistant
18Asmaa elsayed abdelsalam /hasaballah Assistant
19Tarek Abo Bakr /mohammed elnady Assistant
20Ayat allah Ali yousseif Assistant
21Nora essam mohamed Elwy Abdelhafeez Assistant
22Amany Galal El-Din Ali Hassaneen
23Raghda Hassan Mohammed Mohammed Farweiz Demonstrator
24Rehab Mostafa Mohamed Helmy Mostafa Demonstrator

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