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The success of a medical team at the Oncology Institute in Assiut in a larger and more extensive procedure for the eradication of tumors

Dr. Tareq El-Gamal, President of Assiut University, and Dr. Sami Erfan, Dean of the South Egypt Institute of Oncology. Dr.. Gamal Amira President of the Society of Oncology Surgery and founder of the Department of Oncology Surgery in Assiut. Wa. Dr.. Hisham Hamza Head of Oncology Department. A medical team at the Oncology Institute in Assiut managed and succeeded in conducting a larger and more extensive operation to eradicate tumors at the Oncology Institute. He explained. Dr.. Dr. Khalid Rizk, Professor of Oncology, Head of the Medical team and the procedure leader, T.
The patient was suffering from a very large cancerous tumor about 30 kg behind the proton membrane and the tumor extends all the abdomen and conditions of the aorta and the main vein of the body and the back of the intestines and colon and around the left kidney and pancreas and extended to nerve plexus back ... The operation took about 8 hours To the extent of difficulty and seriousness of the place of the tumor ... God was the eradication of the tumor in full with the left kidney and a large part of the muscles of the dermis and glands and the preservation of the intestines and veins and arteries important to the body ... The size of the largest tumor was published scientific journals in this area of ​​the body does not exceed 20 kilograms . And is preparing to be published as the largest tumor has been eradicated scientific journals .... Thank God patient in a very good health and was discharged from the center of attention to his room in the department.



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