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Information Technology Club

Information Technology Club


 The information technology club aims at providing special services for all the faculty staff, assistants, students, graduates, employees, and anyone specialized in the IT and communication field.


With the help of a qualified and distinguished team, the club provides services that help spreading the culture of information technology and communication in the university and surrounding community through:

  • Preparing qualified computer trainers who are able to keep abreast of development in the field of scientific research.
  • Enabling the client (faculty member, student, graduate, outsider employees) to access the Internet to make the best use of obtaining information, research and documents. As well as providing postgraduates with scientific research and printing services.

Services Provided by the Information Technology 

  • Courses for students, university employees, and those who wish to register from outside the university.
  • Courses for the faculty members and their assistants accredited to apply for postgraduate studies at the university.
  • High speed internet rental service (ADSL).
  • Rental services of equipment for work and scientific research.
  • Copying services of all kinds.
  • Designing newspapers, magazines, and publications for the faculty’s families.
  • Writing and printing scientific research in color.
  • Producing faculty magazines
  • Writing Arabic, English and French scientific theses.
  • Writing conference brochures.
  • Symposium invitations and conferences cards.
  • Design PowerPoint slides.
  • Maintenance of Windows for computers (private) for a nominal fee.
  • Producing family magazines.
  • Producing scientific Journals.