9th International conference on sugar and integrated industries

Featured Speakers

  Dr.Imad A. Eujayl,
Research Molecular Biologist
Project Leader-Sugar beet, NWISRL-ARS-USDA

Biography:Imad A. Eujayl currently works at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), United States Department of Agriculture. Imad does research in Genetics, Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology. Their current project is 'Sugar Beet Germplasm Enhancement.
Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Jördening

Institute for Technical Chemistry,Technical University Braunschweig, Germany
Biography: Prof. Hans-Joachim Jördening gained his chemistry degree in 1984, his doctorate three years later and his lecturing qualification in 2000. He has been at the TU Brunswick since 1987, heading the Department of Microbiology and Wastewater Technology from 1992 to 1997. His research interests include biological methods of wastewater purification, the enzymatic modification of saccharides, and modeling biocatalytic processes.
Title: To Be Announced
Prof. Dr. Narendra Mohan,
National Sugar Institute, Kanpur, Govt. of India.
Biography: Prof. Narendra Mohan has completed his Post Graduation in
Sugar Technology from the premier institute of Government of India, National Sugar Institute,Kanpur in 1986. He joined M/sMahalakshmi Sugar Mills Co. Ltd., Iqbalpur (Haridwar) in 1986 where he worked for two seasons.back to the National Sugar Institute,Kanpur where he carried out work on “Corrosion of Process Equipments and its Prevention in CaneSugar Industry” for award of Fellowship of National Sugar Institute in SugarTechnology. Prof.Mohan worked at various positions at National Sugar Institute, Kanpur and at present he is workingasDirector, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur since May 2013.
Lecture Title: “Generate Wealth from Waste in Sugar Industry: Opportunities & Challenges”

Mr. Francisco Guilherme Nastari,
Strategic Advisory Director
Biography: Mr. Nastari is the Director, DATAGRO, since 2005. Director of the Brazilian Sugar and Ethanol Exporters Association (AEXA), since 2009. Since 2005, he has been engaged in several Sugar and Ethanol Market Advisory Projects at DATAGRO.
Title: To Be Announced
Dr. Rajan Jugurnath,
Chief Executive Officer
Sugar Insurance Fund Board, Port Louis, Mauritius.

Biography: Dr. Jugurnath is holder of a PhD,an MBA, an Advanced Diploma in Management Research and Certificate in Company Directorship from the Institute of Directors of New Zealand. He started his career in 1972 as Trainee Inspector of Works and one year later he joined the Civil Service as Student Radiographer. Dr. Jugurnath was appointed Auditor General of the Republic of Mauritius, at the National Audit Office, in 2002. He was in post for 11 years. After a career extending over 40 years, he retired from the Civil Service at the end of November 2013. In December 2014, he was called by the Government to head a newly created Bureau, the Public-Sector Efficiency Bureau (PSEB), in the Ministry of Financial Services, Good Governance and Institutional Reforms. In January 2016, he left PSEB to join the Sugar Insurance Fund Board, as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
Dr.Shivajirao C. Deshmukh,
Director General
Vasantdada Sugar Institute, India.

  Mr. Arvind Chudasama,
International Sugar Journal
Agribusiness intelligence | informa

Biography:Mr. Arvind Chudasama is the Editor of International Sugar Journal. He has been editing the journal for the past 10 years. Over this period, he has witnessed significant developments in the biorenewables sector via significant advances in industrial biotechnology, which has opened up new revenue streams for sugar producers. Mr. Arvind entered the publishing industry over 20 years ago after a spell in agricultural development that included assignments in various countries in Africa. He has Master's in Tropical Agronomy and Information Studies from Queensland and Sheffield Universities, respectively.