Organizing  Committee

Members  of ERSA   

Prof. Dr. K.M. El-Gendy, Prof. Dr. H.M. El- Kelawy, Dr. S. A. Gadallah,  Dr. A.A.Azoz,  Dr. I.M. Assaf, Dr. I.A. Azazy


- Faculty, Members of Animal & Poultry Production Department,

Prof. Dr. Hatem Y. El-Hammady, Prof. Dr. Galal Abd El-Motaleb, Prof. Dr. Faruk Allam, Prof. Dr. Samir Yousief, Prof. Dr. Asad Abd El-Rahman, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abdelnabi, Prof. Dr. Metwally Ahmed, Dr. Abd El-Ati Nasrat, Dr. Seif Abbas, Dr. Emad Mousa, Dr. Ibrahim Soliman, Dr. Anas Salem, Dr. Mohamed El-Sagheer, Dr. Hussein Abd-El-Fattah, Dr. Abd El-Nasser Ahmed, Dr. Mohamed Farghly


Honor President: Prof. Dr. M. A. Abo Nahoul

 President:          Prof. Dr. A.H. Daader

Vice President:  Prof. Dr. I. F. Marai

                            Prof. Dr.  H. A. Hussien                           

Coordinator:     Prof. Dr.  Mariam A. ELDeeb


Secretary:          Prof. Dr. M. I.  Tawfeek

                            Prof. Dr. O. S. Afifi


The conference will be held under the auspices of Dr. Hany Helal Minister of Higher Education, Mr. Amin Abaza,  Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Assiut Governer Nabil ALezabi and Prof. Dr. Mostafa M. Kamal , President of  Assiut University