Paper format



All papers accepted will be printed in the proceedings. All papers submitted should be written according to the guidelines followed in Egyptian Journal of Rabbit Science including name (s) of author(s), address, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion and references. Abstracts should include not more than 250 words, followed by keywords. Within the text, citing a work by three or more authors should be written as first author et al.. The Reference List should be produced in “Author-Date” system (APA) i.e.: “Tulving E., Schacter D.L. (1991) Priming and human memory systems. Science, 247, 301-305” The full length of papers should not exceed 10 pages of standard DIN A4 paper, single spaced inclusive of abstract, tables, figures, etc. Author(s) will be charged 10 L.E. for each extra page. The manuscript, should be submitted on 3.5” diskette, along with three hard copies