The Sixth International Architectural Conference in Assiut
15-17 March 2005
Digital Revolution
and its Impacts on Architecture and Urbanization
Conference Organizers
- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Azmy Mousa, Conference Chairman
- Prof. Dr. Magdy Radwan, Secretary General
- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel- Samee Eid, Conference Coordinator
- Dr. Ezzat Merghany, Vice-coordinator
Editorial Committee
The editorial committee icludes several of Professors  from several Instituts and Universities in Egypt and other Arabic and foregin conturies. The names of those Professors are as follows:
- Prof. Dr. Shaban Taha Ibrahim.
- Prof. Dr. Mourad Abdel-Kader
- Prof. Dr. Ahmed Reda Abdeen.
- Prof. Dr. Wafaa' Amer.
- Prof. Dr. Faysal Abdel-Maksoud.
- Prof. Dr. Farouk Algohary.
- Prof. Dr. Abollah Abdel-Aziz Atyaa.
- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abbas Elza'frany.
- Prof. Dr. Baher Fathy Soliman.
- Prof. Dr. Mostafa Abdel Hafeez Alahwal.
- Prof. Dr. Ismaeel Amer.
- Prof. Dr. Tarek Abdel-Lateef.
- Prof. Dr. Kamal Reyad Morkous.
- Prof. Dr. Mohsen Abou-Bakr Bayuod.
- Prof. Dr. Aly Ghaleb.
- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Ewaida.
- Prof. Dr. Abdel-Fattah Almosely.
- Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abdel-Latif.
- Prof. Dr. Yahya Abdallah.
- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hakemy.
- Prof. Dr. Zohayr Gabbour.
- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Awana.
- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Azmy Mousa.
- Prof. Dr. Magdy Mohamed Radwan.
- Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Samee' Eid.
- Prof. Dr. Ayman Abdel-Mageed Daife.
- Prof. Dr. Abdel-Montelb Mohamed Ali.
- Dr. Ezzat Merghany.
- Dr. Khaled El-lithy.
- Eng. Sahar Abdallah.
- Naglaa Salah.
Conference Venues
Conference centre, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt.
Post Office, Assiut, Code No. 71515, Arab Republic of Egypt.

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