Digital Revolution
and its Impacts on Architecture and Urbanization
15-17 March 2005
Instructions for preparation of manuscripts for IACA (March, 2005)
Introduction to Contributors

We highly appreciate all the contributors in the 6th International Conference in Assiut University (IACA March 2005), the Architectural Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt.
All manuscripts will be reviewed by referees. The editorial committee for the conference judges the manuscript for publication primarily based on originality, usefulness, completeness and reliability. A notification of the manuscript acceptance will be send by the editorial committee to the author after the judgment of the proof of the referees.
Upon the notification of the acceptance of the submitted paper, the author(s) are requested to submit original typescript and a diskette with the text for final printing. The author(s) are requested to submit a 3.5" / 2HD or CD-ROM diskette storing the Microsoft-Word file.
Instructions for the first page
Instructions for the main pages setup
Instructions for the main pages editing
Instructions for References citation
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