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Civil Engineering Department


  • Civil Engineering Department aims to produce civil engineers that acquire the basic and applied sciences and skills to meet the internationally needed standards.
  • The department mission is raising graduates’ skills through offering specialized training courses and workshops, in addition to, offering postgraduate programs (Diploma, Masters, and PhD). Moreover, the department contributes in serving the society through its faculty members' participations in the Engineering Studies and Consulting Center at the University for designing and supervising civil projects as well as giving suitable treatment for defects that may arise in different Upper Egypt facilities.


  • In 1957, the committee took the decision to introduce the Department of Civil Engineering, then in 1958/1959, the study begun.
  • From 1958 to 1988, the Civil Engineering Department was occupying the basement and the first floor in the building of the old University, then, in the academic year 1988/1989 the department moved to a new building in the new University.
  • The department’s building is in an area of more than 7000 m2 and the building consists of four floors; in addition to a basement.


Vision Mission and Objectives

The Vision:

Leadership and distinction in establishing a knowledge–based society in the field of civil engineering.

The Mission:

The mission of the program is to prepare highly competitive graduates in the labor market, by offering distinguished academic content that combines project-based learning with exposure to a broad background of fundamentals in the various disciplines of Civil Engineering. The mission of the program extends to establish the necessary values of knowledge, skills, and professional ethics in the graduates to make effective contributions to society, whether at the local, regional, or global level.

The Objectives:

  1. Preparing graduates who are able to use modern technical tools in engineering projects, with the ability to practice analysis, creativity and self-learning in the field of civil engineering.
  2. Carrying out various studies and research that provide solutions to the problems of engineering projects through postgraduate programs that are able to keep pace with the continuous technical changes.
  3. Work in partnership with foreign and Arab universities, whether in the scope of the undergraduate program or in postgraduate programs and scientific research.
  4. Satisfying the needs of the local and regional labor market and the development movement in the major construction projects sector, according to the latest international methods and techniques of civil engineering.
  1. The Main Attributes of the Graduates. 

In addition to the attribute of engineering graduate the civil engineering graduate must be able to

  1. Act professionally in the engineering design and supervision of different civil engineering projects.
  2. Comprehend the first principles in engineering design, with the ability to use codes of practice in different disciplines of civil engineering.
  3. Think analytically to solve complex problems that may show up during work and to be able to take quick decisions.
  4. Use the computer applications in engineering design for civil engineering projects and in preparing their shop drawings.
  5. Manage the different components of construction sites, prepare time schedules, and evaluate the progress rates. 
  6. Select appropriate building materials from the perspective of strength, durability, and different environmental conditions.
  7. Prepare technical reports and feasibility studies and carry out field inspections and examinations.