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The AUQAAC has recently published its tenth annual book under the title " A study of the results and indicators of the university undergraduate studies performance"

Quality Assurance  Center

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Quality Assurance  Center



 It is my pleasure to introduce the home page in English, produced by the Assiut University Quality Assurance And Accreditation Center (AUQAAC). The center, established on 31st October 2004,has been a must as a result of Egypt's highest concern for education.

 Education reform is considered as the first national priority project to face the challenges of the third millennium. Performance evaluation and quality assurance in higher education institutions are very important issues that have to be highly regarded by universities by establishing the Assiut University Performance Evaluation and Development Unit (AUPEDU) in 1997. Since then, the unite has implemented many pilot activities. In the Previous eight years, the members of the unit have harmonily led the development theme in Assiut University. The unit, and its established branches in all faculties/institutes of the university, have disseminated the quality culture among he staff members, staff assistants, students and non-academic employees. Also, many pilot projects concerned with the institutional and academic programs self-evaluation were performed.

This home page is a tool for disseminating consciousness and understanding of performance evaluation, quality assurance and accreditation systems as basic pedagogic concepts. Implementing such concepts aims at developing the whole education process in universitie.



The Assiut university Quality assurance and accreditation center AUQAAC hes been established in October 2004 as a replacement of the Assiut University Performance Evaluation and  Development Unit (AUPEDU) which was founded in June 1997.  It is a Center directly belonging  to and headed by the University president.

Local units in all faculties and Institutes of the university have been also founded in 2003 as Performance Evaluation and Development branch units and replaced in 2004 by Quality Assurance and Accreditation units



The mission of AUQAAC is concerned mainly with evaluation of the academic performance of the all the elements and activities of the educational system in the light of local, national and international performance standards. This is done to achieve total quality and continuous improvement and development of the university educational system; and to promote the quality level and competitiveness of the university education outputs. Assiut University can thus present itself as a distinguished university on the national, Arab and international levels.



The vision of AUQAAC is to complete the basic components of internal quality assurance system at all faculties and institutes of the university . Thus, faculties can achieve ongoing improvement and development . This eventually leads to qualify them to get institutional and academic accreditation for their programs from well-reputed national and international organizations.  



1.  Evaluating the teaching-learning process through measuring  the performance indicators  of both the input and output     ( facilties, staff, students and  alumni);

2.  Designing and preparing the necessary evaluation forms and tools that include the mechanisms and standards of evaluation as well as the procedures of carrying out such evaluation.

3.  Disseminating evaluation culture among the staff members and students of the university through seminars, workshops and training sessions.

4.  Exchanging the experiences and ideas of university performance development with the other centers and units in the other Egyptian, African and Arab universities and benefiting from them in achieving the desired development.

5.  Establishing a database for the different study programs and degrees offered by Assiut University for the sake of accrediting those that cope with the international standards and specialized organizations.

6.  Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the academic potentialities and study programs offered by Assiut University and suggesting the possible solutions.

7.  Following up how the university faculties develop their own programs and by laws to help their graduates be distinguished among the graduates of  other universities so as to enable them to compete at the national, regional and international labor market.

8.  Creating communication channels with the national and international organizations that are interested in university evaluation and urging them to support the teaching-learning process in Assiut University.

9.  Preparing training programs that aim at developing the professional growth of faculties, especially the training programs of using the internet and high technology in the teaching –learning process.

10. Following up the performance of newly established education systems such as open education and distance education.


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