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AF Thabet, SM Moeen
" More about the combination of rituximab, cyclosporine and dexamethasone in the treatment of chronic ITP. A useful option on an environment with limited resources " platelets , 17;31(6), 784-787, 8, 2020, NULL

C.V : Ahmad Farrag Thabet Farrag , Sawsan Mohamed Moeen Ibrahim

GEM Abdallah, EAS Elbiih, D Sayed, SM Moeen, AF Thabet
" Revisiting the management of chronic ITP; a randomized controlled clinical trial " Platelets, NULL, NULL, 3, 2020, NULL
C.V : Esam Abdel-Moneim Sadiq ElBeih , Ahmad Farrag Thabet Farrag , Ghada Elsayed Mohamed Abdallah , Sawsan Mohamed Moeen Ibrahim , Doaa Sayed Mohamed Ahmed

Zaher A.H. Mola Aldwilla, Mohammed A. Sobh, Ahmad F. Thabet
" Renal anemia refractory to erythropoietin " Journal of Current Medical Research and Practice, NULL, NULL, 2020, NULL
C.V : Mohamed Abbas Sobh Hamid , Ahmad Farrag Thabet Farrag

Taghreed Sayed Mohamed Meshref Refaat Fathi Abd El- Aal Mahmoud Aly Ashry Hisham Mostafa Imam Ahmad bahielelden Ahmad Abdelrahim
" Impact of Stress Hyperglycemia on Myocardial Salvage in Patients with ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction: Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Study. " Indian Heart Journal, NULL, NULL, 8, 2020, NULL
C.V : Mahmoud Ali Mahmoud Ashry , Refat Fathy Abdel-Aal Naseer , Hisham Mostafa Kamel Imam , Ahmed Bahi-Eldeen Ahmed Abdel-Rahim , Taghreed Sayed Mohamed Meshref

Ronit Reich-Slotky , Naima Al-Mulla , Rania Hafez , Javier Segovia-Gomez , Ruchika Goel , Sebastian Mayer , Adrienne Phillips , Tsiporah B. Shore , Hsu Jing-Mei , Yen-Michael Sheng Hsu , Ljiljana V. Vasovic , Melissa M. Cushing & Usama Gergis
" Poor graft function after T cell-depleted allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant " Leukemia & Lymphoma, NULL, NULL, 7, 2020, NULL
C.V : Rania Mohamed Mahmoud Hafez

Amen H. Zaky, Dalia Elsers, Rania Bakry, Mostafa Abdelwanis, Ola Nabih, Rania Hafez,& Mahmoud Rezk
" Prognostic Value of Accumulative Expression of COX-2 and p53 in Small and Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma " Pathology & Oncology Research , 26-2, 1183-1190, 6, 2020, NULL
C.V : Mahmoud Rizk Abdel-Wahed Hussein , Ola Nabih Abdel-Fattah Soliman , Dalia Ahmed Hamed El-Sers , Rania / Mohamed Mohamed / Bakri / El-Aton , Mostafa El-Sayed Abdalones Mohamed , Amen Hamdy Zaki Ali , Rania Mohamed Mahmoud Hafez

Nabawia Mahmoud Tawfik a, Ahmed Osama Ibrahim b, Amal A Mahmoud c, Mohammed H. Mustafa d
" Association of serum resistin level with albuminuria and estimated glomerular filtration rate in type 2 diabetes mellitus " Journal of Current Medical Research and Practice ((J Curr Med Res Pract), NULL, NULL, 2020, NULL
C.V : Nabawia Mahmoud Tawfik Hasan , Mohamed Hasan Mostafa Abdellah

Muhamad R. Abdel Hameed Osama Ahmed Ibrahiem Entsar Hamed Ahmed Paula Rofaeel Sedky Naglaa Mohamed M. A. Mousa
" Soluble human leukocyte antigen-G evaluation in pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus " The Egyptian Journal of Internal Medicine, NULL, NULL, 11, 2020, NULL
C.V : Osama Ahmed Ibrahim Mohmed , Mohamed Ramadan Abdel-Hameed Abdel-nabi , Intesar Hamid Ahmed Fouly , Naglaa Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed , Paula Rofaeel Sedky Senada

Enas Ahmed Reda Alkareemy, Lobna Abdel-Wahid Ahmed, Muhammad Abbas El-Masry, Hany Ayad Habib, Mohamed H Mustafa
" Etiology, clinical characteristics, and outcomes of acute pancreatitis in patients at Assiut University Hospital " The Egyptian Journal of Internal Medicine, NULL, NULL, 12, 2020, NULL
C.V : Enas Ahmad Reda El-Karimi , Mohamed Hasan Mostafa Abdellah , Hany Ayyad Habib Said

Marwa A. Dahpy1* , Marwa K. Khairallah2, Nashwa Mostafa A. Azoz2 and Ghada M. Ezzat1
" The associations among RARRES2 rs17173608 gene polymorphism, serum chemerin, and non-traditional lipid profile in patients with metabolic syndrome " Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics , (2020) 21:21, NULL, 6, 2020, NULL
C.V : Ghada Mohamed Ezzat Mohamed Hasan , Marwa Abdel Hafiz Abdel Aal Hassan , Nashwa Moustafa Abdel Monem Azoz , Marwa KamaL Abdo KhairAllah

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