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Welcome to a candid Faculty with traditions and an eye to the future.

We are proud that the great pharaohs are our ancestors, who were the first people to develop agricultural techniques. With pride, we are still the leaders in agriculture in our area. We are located on the west bank of the Nile at Assiut city, Egypt.
The Faculty of agriculture started in the academic year 1959/1960. Our programs focus on four major resources: biological, natural, environmental, and human resources. The biological resources include horticulture, vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, field crops, live stock and poultry. The natural resources include soil and water; dairy and food technology. The environmental resources include genetics, plant pathology and plant protection. Finally, the human resources include rural sociology and agricultural economics.
The Faculty of Agricultural, Assiut University has won a reputation for its high-caliber teaching programs and its friendly helpful faculty members and staff. This faculty is the foster of three faculties of agriculture in Upper Egypt: Faculty of Agriculture, Minia University, Faculty of Agriculture, Sohag University, and Qena Faculty of Agriculture, South Valley University. Our Faculty has played a vital role in providing skillfully trained human resources for the development of agriculture in Egypt in general and in Upper Egypt in particular. We do our best to train staff for local institutions such as the Ministry of Agriculture, and other private sectors.


To offer high quality educational programs that prepare qualified graduates capable of working at different fields of agriculture, conducting applied scientific research that can solve the society's problems, and developing natural and human resources within the local environment throughout the adoption of continuous improvement, and developing positive attitudes in accordance with Assiut University's mission.


Achieving excellence and pioneering in the areas of agricultural education, scientific research, and community services, in compliance with quality and continuous development requirements, within a cultural, research, and ethical environment to achieve sustainable development and meet local and regional job market requirements.


1. Preparation of qualified individuals in the different disciplines of agricultural activities to meet the needs of the society and the job market.
2. Provide high quality education to produce scientists who can assist in the advancement of the society.
3. Continuous development of the undergraduate and graduate programs to meet scientific advancement.
4. Conduct research and applied studies that contribute in solving Upper Egypt developmental problems.
5. Enhance the cultural and scientific relations between the faculty and other similar Arab and international faculties through joint mission activities, conferences, joint projects, and exchange of expertise

Faculty Of Agriculture - Assuit University - Assiut
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