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Department Mission

Department of Plant Pathology is one of the specialized scientific departments at the Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University.
It prepares students to get a bachelor's degree in Plant Pathology and prepare them to work in various agricultural fields. In addition, it qualifies graduate students for master's degrees and doctorates in the field of plant pathology.
The department conduct applied research to solve problems caused by the causal organisms of plant diseases in Upper Egypt, also contributes to the department in community service and development environment by providing scientific advice to individuals and institutions and the training of agricultural workers in the fields of diagnosis and control of plant diseases.

Department Vision

The target of Plant Pathology Department is to be one of the specialized departments how preparing students to have B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees for work in different fields of agriculture in the area of plant pathology. Also, to do applied research for solving plant pathology problems present in the environment, to limit pollution, and make students able to compete with other at the national and international levels.

Department Objectives

1- Prepare students to have B.Sc. in Agriculture sciences at the area of plant pathology, and training them to gain experiences needed for job markets. 2- Prepare students to have Diploma, Master, and Decorate degrees to meet qualification of the technological developments.
3- Carry out scientific and applied research to dissolve agricultural problems present in the environment.
4- Produce technical advices to agricultural engineering and farmers and produce services for community development.
5- Spot lights on environment problems, limit environment pollution, and introduce new methods and ideas for unpolluted agriculture.

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