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Department Mission

The Agronomy Department is a major Department within the Faculty of Agriculture at Assiut University.Its mission is derived from the Faculty and University missions. The department adopts scientific hard working attitude to provide quality undergraduate and graduate education to prepare graduates update knolege, professional and intellectual skills who are ready for challenging career in areas of plant breeding, crop production research, and biotechnological applications. Such graduates can compete for jobs related to crop production, marketing and different crops related industries.
The department also adopts co-operation with different scientific organizations in applied researchs to solve agricultural problems.

Department Vision

The department adopts the following strategy to achieve its mission:
1- Provide students with update knoledge.
2- Continuous updating curriculum and learning methods.
3- Effective participation with other related departments.
4- Co-operation with stalk holders.
5- Realization of morals, loyality and honesty in souls of the employees, students and staff members..

Department Objectives

1- Carrying out researches on field crops in the following areas
a- Breeding and improvement field crops at normal and stressed environments.
b- The use of recent methods of irrigation and fertilization in new reclaimed soils.
c- Production and physiology of field crops.
d- Seed physiology and technology .
e- Tissue culture and molecular biology.
f- Weed control.
g- Design and analyses of Agricultural experiments.

2- Teaching courses to the students of Agronomy department and other departments for under and postgraduates for M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in our University or other universities in the area of field crops and experimental design.
3- Participation in national campaigns in Upper Egypt to improve productivity of ajor field crops such as wheat, maize and oil crops.
4- Training Agric. engineers and Arab students in the applied areas of crop sciences.
5- Seeking for research project grants to solve problems in field crops.
6- Scientific supervision of the Univ. farm and farms of other universities.
7- Answer for inquiries of the farmers and private sector owners to sole their problems.
8- Participation in research publications in local and international conferences.

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