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Department Mission

Genetics Department held a letter on access to knowledge based on scientific method in relation to analytical systems of genetic control over the qualities and characteristics of living organisms and to enhance information provided to students include the latest findings of research and studies in the field of genetics and biotechnology and their applications in various fields to participate in the preparation of engineers and researchers agronomists are able to contribute to the development and growth of different sectors such as agriculture, industry and the environment at central position of the exercise of practical life efficiently even have a highly competitive labor market, compared Baqrnaihm from other colleges.
Supervision, in addition to scientific research and applied in many distinct areas for graduate students to enable them to get a master's degree and doctorate and to provide the proper climate for faculty members to carry out research on the level of technical and scientific Featured cope with world developments.
Addition to contributing to applied research projects involved in the advancement of the agenda of the College.
It also includes a section to provide appropriate curricula for programs offered by the different university faculties compatible with the nature of the study carried out by students in these colleges.

Department Vision

Department Objectives

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