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Department Mission

The Plant Protection program contributes in achieving the mission of the college for preparation of a distinguished graduate able to compete in agricultural field and labor market, through the continued development of educational programs and basic structure of the department.
The department of plant protection puts target and innovative research programs in the fields of plant protection. The department is employing its energies research to these programs from researchers and graduate students, these programs aim to develop the productive and research sectors of Agriculture and also solving problems related to them.
The department is also meeting the urgent and emerging needs of labor market through the provision of scientific advisory services and training courses in Plant Protection (Economic Entomology and Pesticides), for submission to the bodies and individuals by cooperation with various research agencies at the regional level.
In addition to the participation of the department in the national projects in order to serve agricultural development plan in our country.

Department Vision

The department adopts the modernization and development of its educational and research programs.
So as to lead the outputs in the future to achieve academic standards and the requirements of the quality of education at the regional national and international levels.
Also meet the research requirements which are necessary for sustainable development processes of the human and natural resources in the field of plant protection.
Seek to connect the department with the local community and its institutions by provide scientific support for graduates and for those engaged in the field of agriculture and all the members of local institutions.
These through the provision of high diplomas per two semesters in plant protection disciplines (Economic Entomology and their Integrated Pest Management – Pesticide Chemistry and Toxicity – Animal Pests and their Control Measures – Beekeeping and Apiaries Management – Silk Technology).
These Diplomas required the labor market to maximize the capabilities of graduates, makes them able to complete in global and local labor markets.

Department Objectives

Goals of Plant Protection Department at this stage are looked forward to the department vision as a part of his mission, throughout its history, that summarized in the following topics:
Firstly, the educational level:
• Preparation of a distinguished graduate capable of solving problems in the area of his work and able to compete in the domestic labor market.

Secondly, the research level:
• Planning of research programs aims to develop the productive and research sectors of agriculture.
• Cooperation with different disciplines within and abroad the college in the field of scientific research, and supervision of Master and Ph.Ds. thesis.

Thirdly, community service level:
• Participate in the development of the surrounding community by conducting training courses on small productive projects for youth in Plant Protection disciplines.
• Provide scientific support and advisory in the pest control, which include (agricultural, industrial and household pests).

Fourthly, environmental level:
• Planning of research programs aims to control of pests and take into account the environmental dimension in field applications and maintain the components of the ecosystem from degradation.

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