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Department Mission

The mission of Pomology department as a part of the Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University, is to provide a high-quality education for preparing graduates with excellent skills to be ready for working in research centers, universities, or qualified to meet the requirements of the labor market, which leads to develop the productive and research sectors of Agriculture and solving the problems related to the agriculture sector and pomology production, which allowing for the development of this important sector.

Department Vision

The Department of pomology at the Faculty of Agriculture seeks to improve the general horticulture and pomology education, as well as scientific research through adherence to the quality, development, and serious efforts towards fruitful cooperation with the civil society, institutions, and corresponding scientific departments whether its Arabic or foreign, by providing a distinguished quality of education and training to students to improve their abilities and their competence, and then graduation specialists at the field of horticulture and pomology, at the bachelor level or at the level of the postgraduate program to contribute the development of this important agricultural sector in order to reach the development of sustainability.

Department Objectives

1. Providing high quality education, learning, and training to prepare graduates who have the ability to keep pacing with rapid development in the field of horticulture and fruit production.
2.Producing a graduate who able to communicate with those in the field of agricultural and horticultural production in general, and pomology in particular, and provide expertise advicing to them in these areas.
3.Continuing the development of courses in line with the enormous and continuous development in the field of horticulture and pomology.
4.Conducting research and scientific studies that could contribute to solve problems of pomology production at the regional and national levels.
5.Working on supporting the Interdependence between the pomology department and other departments and organizations of common interest in the fields of education, research, and exchange of experiences.
6.Inculcate competitive spirit, cooperation, and excellent values of society needed to build an advanced society.

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