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The Department of English provides quality education and training to students of major specialization in English and other non-specialized students in all other faculties of the university in addition to providing community services by its various programs and courses to individuals and corporations.

departement vision

Aspiring to achieve national reputation and distinction in the field of teaching and training

Departement Objectives
Members Degree Email

Ahmed Saber Mahmoud Mohammed Professor ahmsab@hotmail.com
Members of the department
Ferdous Abdel-Hamid Al-Bahnasawy Professor fbahnasawi@yahoo.com
Ahmed Al-mokhtar Mahmoud Ahmed Professor ahmedmokhtar2@yahoo.com
Abdel-Gawad Tawfik Mahmoud Awad Professor mahmoudabdelgawad46@yahoo.com
Hassan Abdel-Shafik Hassan Gadalla Professor hgadalla@yahoo.com
Abu Taleb Mahmoud Ahmed Mohamed Professor
Manal Mohamed Abdel-Nasser Hashim Associate Professor mmabdelnaser64@hotmail.com
Mohammed Abdel-Majeed Mansour Mohammed Associate Professor mabdelmageed@yahoo.com
Sayed Abdel-Hay Abdel-Kader Abdel-Mawgoud Associate Professor shay_eg@yahoo.com
Muhammad Ali Abdel Baseer Ali Lecturer
Iman Amin Mahmoud Abdallah Lecturer eman_amin@yahoo.com
Nadia Amin Hassan Gadallah Lecturer nadia_hasan@windowslive.com
Mamdouh Ali Ahmed Mohamed Lecturer mali_eg@yahoo.com
Said Ahmed Aboudaif Lecturer saidaboudaif@aun.edu.eg
Abdel-Mohsen Ezzedine Ahmed Al-Sharif Lecturer
Mohamed Galal Ibrahim Ahmed Lecturer
Hussein Saleh Mohamed Ali Lecturer rashi5070@hotmail.com
Yasser Ahmed Gomaa Hassanein Lecturer gomaa_eg@yahoo.com
Ashraf Girgis Abdel-Malak Tadros Lecturer dr_ashraf_1966@yahoo.com
Ashraf Abdel-Fattah Abdel-Aal Hedia Lecturer
Wafa Abdel-Aziz Morsi Ali Lecturer wmorsy93@yahoo.com
Nahed Hassan Mohamed Hamdan Lecturer
Sherin Abdel Ghaffar Mohammed Ahmed Lecturer sherinma79@gmail.com
Walaa Abdella Abdel-Hafez Hassan Lecturer walaa1911@yahoo.com
Hanan Mostafa Mahmoud Mohamed Lecturer h.mostafa@yahoo.com
Lobna Mohamed Abdu Khedr Shaddad Lecturer lobnashaddad@yahoo.com - lobna.shadad@art.au.edu.eg
Abeer Mohamed Raafat Mohamed Ibrahim Khalaf Lecturer abeerkhalaf2414@yahoo.com
Faten Helmy Ahmed Ibrahim Lecturer faten_thoria@yahoo.com
Nader Sami Fahim Abdel-Meseeh Lecturer fahim.nader@yahoo.com
Dalia Hosni Farid Mohammed Lecturer dodyhosni@hotmail.com
Gaber Abdel-Ghaffar Abdel-Rahman Hassanein Assistant Lecturer
Ibrahim Khalifa Ibrahim Salem Assistant Lecturer linguist80@gmail.com
Marwa Mostafa Abd-Elmuttalib Shehata Assistant Lecturer marwaabdelmotaleb@yahoo.com
Bayan Mohamed Nabil Abdel-Fattah Mohamed Assistant Lecturer byan_shoreit@yahoo.com
Mai Salah Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Assistant Lecturer msamh1983@yahoo.com
Mariana Nagaty Yanney Gerges Assistant Lecturer mariana_tigress@yahoo.com
Suha Salah Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Assistant Lecturer beby_2_8@yahoo.com
Sarah Mostafa Mahmoud Assistant Lecturer
Fouz Ahmad Mehanny Abdullah Demonstrator mytruelegend_23@yahoo.com
Gamila Abdel Nasser Abdel Aziz Abdel Aal Demonstrator gamila922@yahoo.com
Rana Mohammed Shelkamy Demonstrator rana_sholkamy@live.com
Nourhan /Mohamed Alaa El-Din/ El-Nagdy Demonstrator
Demonstrator Norhan.Medhat@art.au.edu.eg
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