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The French Department aims to help inculcate a perfect and comprehensive familiarity with the French language with its different literary branches inside learners. So as to qualify them to work in different educational institutions that serves the environment as well as media institutions and translation and other Franco phonic institutions in all sectors of the state.

departement vision

The vision of the department focuses on the study course which is prepared to keep pace with modern and contemporary developments in the French language with its literatures, compared literature for the purpose of communication between the east and the west and to dean the distinguished linguistic and cultural relations between Egypt and France .

Departement Objectives
Members Degree Email

Members of the department
Ayman Mohamed Mounir Mohamed Kamel Moussa Lecturer ayman_2781@hotmail.com
Adel Abdel-Azim Ahmad Baghdadi Abaza Lecturer Adelabaya2000@yahoo.com
Mohammed Khalil Rushdi Khalil Lecturer Mkrosholy@yahoo.com
Noha Abdel-Aziz Razk Mabrok Lecturer
Mohammed Abdel-Hameed Ahmed Sweilem Lecturer sewilammohamed@yahoo.com
Mustafa Yahya Shams al-Din Lecturer chams_mostapha@yahoo.fr
Mei Abdel-Ghaffar Farid Abdel-Ghaffar Lecturer
Marwa Shehata Abdel-Gawad Jadallah Assistant Lecturer mamma4m@yahoo.com
Salah Sabry Mohammed Al-Saeed Abdou Assistant Lecturer salahabouahmed@yahoo.com
Maha Abdel-Ghaffar Farid Abdel-Ghaffar Assistant Lecturer
Mary Nashat Adib Zaki Assistant Lecturer
Marwa Hussein Ahmed Jadalkarim Assistant Lecturer
Alla Mohamed Mohcen Demonstrator alaabadary@yahoo.com
Noha Hossam Thabet Salem Demonstrator
Mayada Ahmed Abdel Aziz Demonstrator maiada85@yahoo.com
Christina Ibrahim Eshak Demonstrator Chritenaishak@yahoo.com
ٍShimaa Mohammed Abd-ElAal Ahmed Farrag Demonstrator
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