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departement mission

The department endeavors to . Academic prepare and qualify students for work in different institutions like teaching, training, educational, cultural fields, public service, libraries, press, media and archaeology. The department achieves this via transformational training as history is part of other sciences. Upgrading academic research in fields of history with its various branches via preparing assistant teachers and researchers to get the master degree and philosophy degree in different branches .  Re- enforcing the link between the university and the local surrounding via taking part in seminars cultural meetings for youth and specialists to reveal Egypt's cultural role in different ages, unifying mental concepts attempting to tighten the national ties among individuals of the Egyptian community with the Arab and global communities so as to draw near to the university of cultural and thought. Up grading the surrounding environment by offering scientific counsels in fields of preserving the archaeological heritage as well as the historic character of historical buildings.

departement vision

This department . aspires to become a prominent distinguished academic center in upgrading fields of academic research , education and application, through specialists in history , whose job is give rise to local environment with its academic and applied institutions as well as protecting the human heritage in Upper Egypt.

Departement Objectives
Members Degree Email

Osama Mohamed Fahmy Sadiq Professor Osamafahmy380@yahoo.com
Members of the department
Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Bdioui Professor
Mohammad Abdel-Hameed Ahmed Al-Hinnawi Professor mae2007eg@yahoo.com
Hassan Ahmed Abdel-Jalil Al-Battawi Associate Professor ha95745@gmail.com
Abdel-Nasser Ibrahim Abdel-Hakim Khalil Associate Professor abdelnasser.abdelhakam@gmail.com
Yosery Khalifa Abdel-Hakim Diab Associate Professor
Ahmed Shawky Ibrahim Mahmoud Alamarjy Associated Professor
Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Farghaly Alkardousi Associate Professor Ma_Alkardousi@yahoo.com
Tahani Mohamed Shawky Abdel-Rahman Lecturer
Mohammed Saleh Abdulnabi Suleiman Lecturer
Hamid Abdel-Hamid Mohamed Hassanein Lecturer Hamd mahcor@yahoo.com
Ahmed Azarab Ahmed Suleiman Lecturer mangoles@yahoo.com
Mohammed Saad El-Deen Syed Abdel -Rahman Lecturer dr.mohmedsaad@aun.edu.eg
Hamdy Khaled Hassan Sulaiman Lecturer dr20100@yahoo.com
Nadia Mohamed Mohamed qoudb Lecturer nadia_qoudb@yahoo.com
Kamal Salah Abdel-Rahman Ahmed Assistant Lecturer dr.aslah@yahoo.com
Mahmoud Mohammed Kamel Assistant Lecturer mmkg66g@yahoo.com
Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Khalaf Assistant Lecturer MTyre2009@yahoo.com
Doaa Salah Ryad Assistant Lecturer doaa_ salah 87 @ yahoo.com
Waleed Zein Abed Elhammed Demonstrator dr.waleed_history@yahoo.com
Amany Mohamed Mohamed Kotb Demonstrator amany.history@yahoo.com
Rabab Abdalmataatmd Fathy Mohammed Demonstrator dr.rababgaber 2@gmail.com
Marina Gamal Gerges Demonstrator marinagamal576@gmail.com
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