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departement mission

To prepare and qualify students in all fields of psychology (social, Judicial, Martial and Mental evaluation, Personality evaluation and Diagnosing and treating psychosomatic illness, psychological guiding , dealing with special needs individuals and providing counsels so as to adjust human behavior and understanding local community .

departement vision

Since its debut in 1998, the psychology department has been endeavoring hard to become a distinguished academic center amidst psychological departments All over Arab universities in fields of education and scientific research so as to be applied in different work fields and the service of environment and community.

Departement Objectives
Members Degree Email

Ahmed Mohamed Darwish Darwish Professor Dr.Abdalla2020 @yahoo.com
Members of the department
Taha Ahmed Hassanein El Mestikawy Professor tahaahmed52@yahoo.com
Al-Syed Kamal Al-Syed Richa Professor DR_Alsayed_Risha_1964@yahoo.com
Mahmoud Shawky Hussein Abdel-Tawab Lecturer mahmoudshawkey47@yahoo.com
Ashraf Ali Al-Syed Abdo Lecturer
Majada Elsaayed Ali Bathish Akoshky Lecturer Dr.Abdalla2020 @yahoo.com
Abdullah Syed Mohammad Jaballah Lecturer drabdallasayed@yahoo.com
Salwa Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud Bakhit Lecturer salwa-m73@yahoo.com
Ahmad Kamal Abdel-Wahab Bahnasawy Lecturer dr ahmedkamal83@yahoo.com
Hassan Mohammed Riaz Mohammed Hassan Lecturer hassenriad@yahoo.com
Huda Shaaban Hassan Ahmed Lecturer elgyshy@ yahoo.com
Doaa Farouk Hashim Bakhit Lecturer dr_doaa_sk2007@yahoo.com
Sanaa Mohamed Mohamed Khalil Lecturer snaahmed413@yahoo.com
sara hamde nageb eltelawy Assistant Lecturer sarahneltellawy@yahoo.com
Ghada Abdelkariem Hussien Otafy Assistant Lecturer ghadaotafy@yahoo.com
Huda Anter Abdallah Kandeel Assistant Lecturer huda.anter@yahoo.com
Nesma Esmat Mohamed Mahmoud Demonstrator Nemsa 2008@yahoo.com
Al-Shaimaa Ibrahim Mohamed Demonstrator shemohasaballa@yahoo.com
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