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departement mission

The graduation of technical leaders capable of doing the work of the social worker and social research in different fields. The aims of the department are achieved via academic preparation , applying scientific theories , research halls and field work through linking the university with community .

departement vision

This department . is regarded as a specialized academic center in fields of researches and applied sociological studies so as serve the goals and aspirations of the local and regional community and linking it to centers of researches and social research and social studies all over the world .

Departement Objectives
Members Degree Email

Members of the department
Demonstrator dr.abdulhakim.ismail1992@gmail.com
Iman Abbas Abdel-Naiem Alioua Lecturer yomna.atef83@yahoo.com
Rakea Abdellah Mohammed Hardan Lecturer rokayahardane@gmail.com
Hamdallah Ahmed Kilani Ibrahim Lecturer kelang88@ yahoo .com
Sana Mohammed Ali Mohammed Ahmed Lecturer sana2079@yahoo.com
Ahmad Kamal Abdalmugod Ead Lecturer
Dina Aly Ezzat AbdelRahman Ali Lecturer dinaalyezzat@aun.edu.eg
Taqwa Syed Hassanein Bakheet Lecturer takwa@aun.edu.eg
Asmaa Jabir Ali Mehran Lecturer
Sayed Hassanein Bakhit Hassanein Lecturer shbh@aun.edu.eg
Ahmed Zain El_Abdin Ahmed Assistant Lecturer Ahmmedzeen1987@yahoo.com
Marwa Kamal Ali Hassan Demonstrator Dr.melshwkhy@yahoo.com
Fayza Ali Mohamed Ahmed Demonstrator samarstar80@yahoo.com
Faiza Ali Mohammed Ahmed Demonstrator
Reem Mohamed Mohamed Khudairy Demonstrator Reem khodairy@yahoo.com
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