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The department qualifies graduates in accordance with the demands of wok market locally and abroad in fields of ancient Egyptian archaeology and Islamic. The research activity in fields of ancient Egyptian and Islamic archaeology. Upgrading field research over all discovered archaeology & excavations. Propagating archaeological awareness as well as academic counsels to monument sectors or the like .

departement vision

This department . is divided into two branches ( ancient Egyptian archaeology and Islamic ) Both branches endeavor to place Assiut region on the Egyptian and world tourism and archaeological chart . The department activates the role of field research, discovering archaeology in the region and propagating archaeological awareness among citizens as well as co- operating with archaeologists world wide.

Departement Objectives
Members Degree Email

Magdy Abdel-Gawad Alwan Osman Professor d_magdygwady@yahoo.com
Members of the department
Al-Syed Ahmed Mohamed Mahfouz Professor mahfuzelsayed@yahoo.fr
Mohamed Elsayed Mohamed Oborahab Associate Professor abourehab@ymail.com
Osama Ibrahim Abdullah Salm Associate Professor dr_sallam_osama@yahoo.com
Ali Hassan Abdallah Hassan Associate Professor ali4_Hassan@yahoo.com
Abdalla Abdel-Raziq Abdel-Hamid Badawy Associate Professor badawy.eed@gmail.com
Hanan Abbas Ahmed Abbas Associate Professor
Sameh Fekry Taha Al-Marsa Al-Banna Associate Professor drsameh1@hotmal.com
Marzouk Al-Syed Abdullah Aman Associate Professor
Mona Hassan Ahmed El-Sawy Assistant Lecturer sawy_mona@yahoo.com
Esraa Mohamed Mahmoud Hamdy Mohamed Ghazally Assistant Lecturer ghazally.esraa@yahoo.com
Mohamed Samy Adly Ebrahim El_kady Assistant Lecturer m_ samyelkady@yahoo.com
Emad mahmood Edreis mohamed Demonstrator emadmahmoud1986@yahoo.com
Eyoun Nafea Abdel-Maugoud Demonstrator oyooneid@yahoo.com
Kheloud Abdel- Kader Ahmed Mohamed Demonstrator khloud_2090@hotmail.com
Heba Hamed Abdel-Hamid Demonstrator hebahamemed959@yahoo.com
Sarah Ibrahim Hamed Demonstrator sara.islamicart@yahoo.com
Asmaa Ragab Ali Mohamadayn Demonstrator asmaa_ragab11@yahoo.com
Nahal Abd Elaziz Abu Elfadal Demonstrator
Manar Ahmed Omar Ali Demonstrator
Khaled Mohamed Shawkey Abd Elkader Demonstrator khalid@aun.edu.eg
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