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Issued during the reign of King Farouk I Legislative Decree No. 156 of 1948 established the first regional university in the Kingdom of Egypt, to be based on the "Directorate" Assiut and bearing the name "University of Muhammad Ali."

In 1949, the development of one of the princes of the royal family foundation stone of the university, on the occasion of Alzkrh centenary of the death of Mohamed Ali Pasha - the founder of the Alawite family, has been the university Law stipulates that consists of seven colleges of the first of the Faculty of Arts - but the implementation of the establishment of the university was delayed until 1955, and opened university doors in November 1957 under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. / Solomon sad and faculties of science and engineering only, and delayed establishment of the Faculty of Arts at Assiut - the headquarters of the University - that colleges arise for Literature branches University in Upper Egypt; and it opened the first branch of the university in the city of Minya year 1969 the university established a branch in the city of Sohag in September 1971. The study began in the Faculty of Arts in the 1975-1976 academic year to accept 154 students in four sections, namely: Arabic, English, French, and the Department of History and African Studies, and was followed by the establishment of the Faculty of Arts in Qena in the 1977/1978 academic year.

Based on repeated petitions from the people to the governors of Assiut, it decided to establish the Faculty of Arts at Assiut under Presidential Decree No. 419 for the year 1995, so that by the study start in the academic year 1996/1997. And it took Imadtha D / Firdaus Abdul Hamid Bahnasawi, supported and sponsored by the university president Prof. / Mohamed Rafat Mahmood, and was five sections for Humanistic Studies of the College of Education moved to the emerging college: the Department of Arabic language, and English, and the French language, history, and geography. And began a giant college introduction of five other sections, namely: the Department of Sociology, Media, Psychology, documentation, libraries, philosophy - with processing and preparation for the opening sections effects East and languages ​​under the supervision of professors of the universities of Cairo, the sun and the eye (under sections of the Arabic language and history).

Due to the speed of the introduction of the fledgling college goes according to the study approved list is a list of the Faculty of Arts Minya (the first list of the branches of the University of Arts). Regulations then developed and adopted at the beginning of the academic year 2003/2004 Fasthdtt people some sections (Divisions Islamic and ancient Egyptian monuments, and Divisions languages ​​of the Islamic world and the Semitic languages, and maps Division, Department of Geography).

In 1997 the agreement with graduate studies Oxford Academy (in conjunction with Burtsmut University in England) as the beginning of the agreements cultural Graduate Studies, which awarded the doctorate for some foreign students with the Malaysian and Yemeni nationality In the same year degree approved of the Supreme Council of Universities to create the translation and research linguistic center of resolution No. 232 09/24/1997 in as a special character follow the Faculty of Arts. 12/27/1998 In three modern laboratories of the sections of the media, geography and psychology was set up, as agreed D / rector at 9/11/1998 to organize a training course for librarians at the university under the supervision of Library and Information Department of the college, also agreed on the University Council 09/28/1997 Court to issue a scientific journal published by the Faculty of Arts to be published by the academic research from inside and outside Egypt.

In January 2013 approved the creation of the College of Islamic Studies Department, Faculty of Arts became contains thirteen sections of the fifteen scientific Division, and approval of the Supreme Council of Universities on 03.23.2013 at:
1. Create English translation software (BA) credit hours system phase.
2. mutatis take measures to amend the bylaws.

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