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The October 2018 role exam is conducted in the materials of underdevelopment for all students enrolled this year, whether these students are new or remaining for return or from abroad, all the material of the lower difference is considered as a retardation material, and for further clarification, the students involved in the examination include:
1. A successful student in one or two articles at most, who performs the examination of that article or these articles in October, and the results of these articles shall be made public according to each semester of the article, i.e. the material for the first semester shall be declared with the result of the first semester, and the subject of the semester The second is announced with the result of the second semester.
2-The student is failing, and he has the materials of a lower difference than his band performs the test of defaults from the lower teams in October, and the material of the band to take exams during the January or May role exams.
3. The one-time default exams will be held in October, and if the student fails any material to be tested in October of the following year and will not be tested again during the regular exams

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