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The mission of the college to supply the student with assets of knowledge and scientific research in the fields of computer science and information systems and technology, and aims mission of the College to develop the student's personality to make it interested in innovation and a lover of collective action and aware of the value of continuing education and the inevitability of self-learning and in line with the requirements of the times and the needs of the labor market and able to compete localand regional, as well as include the mission of the College to provide community service and research services in the areas of college

Faculty of Computers and Information, Assiut University seeks to achieve excellence and creativity in fields of education and scientific research and community service at the local and regional level.

  1. A distinguished graduate who is capable of creativity and innovation
    • Develop educational programs in the light of credible academic standards.
    • Continuous development of teaching and learning opportunities for students and raise the level of graduates.
    • Improve the adequacy and efficiency of staff members and their assistants.
    • Develop systems of continuous evaluation for....

Faculty Dean
Dean's word

Currently in the beginning of the twenty-first century human live after the enormous technological developments at the end of the twentieth century, which is accurately information and communication technology revolution, and to which the world became one village,....