The vision
Completion of the elements of the internal quality assurance systems in all the departments and sections of the college so as to be capable of continuous development that will qualify it to get the institutional accreditation and the academic accreditation for its programs from the local, regional and global organizations.


1- Evaluating the educational processes through measuring the performance indicators.
2- Spreading the culture of evaluation among the faculty members, their assistants, junior faculty members and faculty students.
3- Participating in the designing and the preparation in forms, applications and tools needed for evaluation.
4- Preparing data base of all academic programs and courses in the college.
5- Participating in the development of the faculty regulations and academic.
6- Coordinating with the center of quality assurance and accreditation in the university and the quality assurance units in other local, regional and global faculties.
7- Following the performance evaluation in the faculty.


The mission
Performance evaluation of all elements and activities of the educational system in the college in terms of the local, regional and global performance criteria, in order to achieve quality, development, continuous updating to the work system, graduating and training qualified and competitive teachers so as to develop education and cooperation with community and its institutions to spread the culture of enlightenment and environmental development, making studies and researches that contribute in the development of education and society as a whole which achieves the presence of the faculty of education- assuit university among the other outstanding faculties of education whether at the local, regional, and global level.


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