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Department of Curriculum and Teaching Methods

Department Mission

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To provide under and post-graduate students with the theoretical background and the professional aspect of the teaching profession, and with recent trends in the design and development of the curricula; to offer consultancy and training inside and outside the university; to contribute to the preparation of university teacher and to raise his efficiency and abilities; and to participate in the training of workers in the field of education, in addition to developing training through educational research, serving the environment and local community, and the local, regional and global competition in light of quality standards of the educational process.

Department Vision

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Faculty of Education - Assuit University to be more distinguished among the corresponding departments at the local and regional levels in the processes of teaching, learning, scientific research and its technological applications, and the service of educational institutions.

Department Objectives

1. Providing an educational environment that achieves excellence and competition among students.
2. Promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of post-graduate students.
3. Increasing the ability of the department to contribute to sustainable development and to serve the community and environment.
4. Developing the organizational and administrative structure of the department.
5. Commitment to the ethical and professional values of the teacher.

The Membership of the faculty Staff in the Department

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