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Department of Psychology

Department Mission

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The mission of the department is: developing academic performance and administrative work, Preparing graduates equipped with the foundations of scientific knowledge and highly trained in the skills of the major, compatibility of the department programs with modern variables, investing human resources and their research potential and expertise in solving the environment problems, serving the community through projects and distinct research incubators in the light of regional and global standards, and conducting applied research and making partnership with community institutions to serve the environment and to develop the society.

Department Vision

The Psychology Department is a distinguished academic department and a model for providing sources of knowledge in various forms that contain and develop learning, teaching, and scientific research and preparing specialized cadres that achieve competition and excellence at the university level and corresponding universities and face the current and future challenges through a modern and renewable environment for achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.

Department Objectives

1. Developing learners cognitively, skillfully, and emotionally.
2. Informing learners of modern educational trends and continuing innovations in educational psychology.
3. Forming positive attitudes towards the teaching profession.
4. Developing the skills and research competencies and their applications in the field of education.
5. Improving the efficiency of the research performance of faculty members of the department
6. Developing effective partnership with local, regional, and international educational institutions.
7. Empowering learners with the skills of analyzing educational issues in the local and regional community and propose coping strategies.
8. Dissemination of psychological culture through meeting the needs of the community of educational and psychological counseling and services.

The Membership of the faculty Staff in the Department

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