History of the Faculty of Education

  • In 1957, the Ministry of Education established two colleges, one for male teachers in Assiut and the other for female teachers in El- Minya in order to prepare teachers in science, mathematics, English and French in both preparatory and high schools.

  • In 1961 the two colleges were conjoined to the Ministry of Higher Education until 1966 and then to Assiut University under the name of Teacher College according to Presidential Decree No. 3123 issued in August 1966 and Teacher's College in El-Minya became a branch of Teachers College in Assuit university.
    in 1970, the Supreme Council decided to change the name of Teachers' College in Assuit University to the name of "The

  •  Faculty of Education" and it waslocated in Elgomhorya Street (now Faculty of Social Work).
    The faculty graduated the first class in the academic year 1960/1961 , the number of graduates was(6) , and it also included three branches at this time, but now there are fourteen branches.
    .The faculty of Education moved out to its new headquarters in Assiut University since 1992.

  • Expansion was done in establishing new branches, lecture rooms and laboratories in the faculty through the project of developing colleges of education and competitiveness projects, which the college won .Several research and service centers were established , new laboratories and lecture rooms have been updated.

  • The number of students enrolled in the faculty and graduates since its inception:

  • The number of students enrolled in the college in 1957 was 12.

  • The number of graduates of the first class who graduated from the Faculty of Education in 1961 was 6.

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