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Assiut Education The result of 2017 is a success rate of 86.8%


The Council of the Faculty of Education, Assiut University, approved on Thursday the results of the college for the academic year 2016/2017
With a success rate of 86.8%.
 The Dean of the Faculty of Education, Assiut University, Prof. Dr. Adel Al-Najdi, said that 20 students received an excellent general rating with honors.
 Al-Najdi said in a press statement that the top 10 at the college level were: "Ayat Shehata Selim, Chemistry Division, success rate 93.07%, Samia Jamal Aldin Abdelhafid Biological Division, Najah 93.06%, Asma Abdel Karim Ibrahim, Child Education Division, Najah 92.2% (91.8%), Aya Hassanein Abdullah English Language Division (91.7%), Irada Rajab Ahmed Psychology Division (90.81%), Mohammed Salah Kamel Abdul Jalil Primary Education Division (90.73% , Nesma Zanati Zaki Basic Education Division (Arabic Language) with a success rate of 90.46%, Mohamed Sayed Mahmoud M D Arabic Language Division with a success rate 90.43%, Iman Hussein Mohammed English Division success rate of 90.3%. "


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