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Teacher Training Project in Assiut Governorate


Assiut University will be held on Sunday 30 July 2017
 Launch of the teacher training project in Assiut Governorate
Entitled "Towards a Better Teacher"
Which was organized by the Faculty of Education in collaboration with the Alexandria Library and the Sawiris Social Foundation under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdu Jais, President of the University, Prof. Mustafa El-Feky, Director of the Library of Alexandria and Prof. Adel El-Najdi, Dean of the Faculty of Education and in the presence of a number of faculty members and their assistants.For his part, Prof. Adel Al-Najdi explained that the project aims at upgrading the performance of 100 teachers from various Assiut governorate through training them by a group of specialized trainers from Assiut University and from the Dome of Heaven at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Arab Academy for Transport and Technology for 45 days, In which trainees participate in workshops on the fundamentals of teaching and how to employ technology in teaching. He pointed out that this project is being launched for the first time outside the governorates of Cairo and Alexandria with the support and funding of the Sawiris Social Foundation.


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