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To make the faculty of Education, Assuit University the most outstanding at the local and regional level in teacher preparation and also to achieve educational leadership in the fields of teaching and learning, scientific research and its scientific, technological applications and community service.


Preparing educated, professional, creative and qualified teachers to compete and interact with the requirements of the knowledge society and keep pace with technological development and modern trends in teaching and learning, and encouraging educational research through developing faculty programs and its different units to establish a learning community based on high level of efficiency, while responding to the diversity of community needs and educational field's problems by providing services and specialized technical consultation for different society institutions.

The strategic objective and goals

- Pre-service teacher preparation through high quality programs in all disciplines of public education from kindergarten to the end of secondary education in accordance with complementary and sequential system.

- In-service teacher training and dissemination of professional self-development trends in graduates, and supporting the values of continuous learning.

- Effective contribution in the formulation of education policies in Egypt and its implementation through the membership of committees at the national and local levels, special units, preparation, qualification and training of educational leaders.

- Conducting educational research that produces educational knowledge, discussing educational issues and real problems facing education, and providing solutions that can develop education.

- Providing consultancy and studies that contribute in the development and modernization of education through an effective partnership with the Ministry of Education, schools, all components of the educational system like management, curriculum, methods of teaching and learning, evaluation, and others.

- Modernization of study systems and programs of the college in the light of trends and local needs, raising the level of the college administration, and providing a model for other educational institutions.

- Publishing educational developed ideas and modern practices according to sophisticated mechanisms within the environment and the whole educational community.

- Integrating technology in the composition of the teacher and educational research, and promoting its uses in the areas of higher education and pre-university education.

- Participating in the preparation of faculty members in all disciplines in university and higher education institutions and enabling them to perform their role effectively and efficiently.

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