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To become the Faculty of Education Assiut University is a leader in the fields of education, learning, scientific research and service of the community regionally and globally.


The College of Education is an educational teacher who is qualified to keep abreast of the technological development and the modern trends in teaching and learning, present and future, and excellence in educational research through upgrading the programs of the college and its various units and developing and implementing research and training programs that develop knowledge in order to contribute to the development of society within the framework of university values.

The strategic objective and goals

Strategic areas and objectives
Education and education
- A creative teacher qualified to compete in the labor market.
B - field of higher education and research
- Development of graduate studies and excellence in educational research.
C - Environmental Affairs and Community Service
- Sustainable participation in community service and environmental development.
Quality assurance, accreditation and development
  - Ensure the quality of education and the accreditation and continuous development of the college.
  - Developing the administrative system in the college.
  - Consolidation of university values.

Values and principles of the College of Education

• Excellence and competitiveness in programs and services locally and regionally.

• Continuous improvement and improvement.

• To acquire thinking and thinking skills.

• Faith in cooperation and leadership.

• Adopt best practices.• Capacity development for all employees.

• Activate ICTs and education.

• Adhering to the ethics of the profession and scientific research.

• Community responsibility and community needs.

• Strengthen citizenship values.

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