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The Faculty of Engineering graduates engineers in different disciplines to meet the technical requirements of industrial enterprises and service sectors. The Faculty provides its graduates with the foundations of knowledge and skills which comply with the international standards and requirements of major engineering projects in the field of their specialization. Our graduates are also instructed to have an awareness of the problems of society and the environment, side by side with the ethics of the profession. The mission extends to include constant update of its gradates' skills through intensive courses, workshops and graduate programs. Moreover, the Faculty contributes to the engineering

The faculty of engineering is looking forward to ensuring its leadership in Egypt and in the Arab world by offering a distinctive engineering education.

Engineering is the profession in which knowledge of basic science is applied alongside knowledge gained through engineering study, experience and practice to develop and innovate methods, methods, machines and devices for the optimum use of materials, resources and nature forces for the benefit of human society. Therefore, the college works through its scientific departments which cover most of the disciplines required by the labour

Faculty Dean
Dean's word

The academic year begins while more than fifty years have passed since the inauguration of the Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University. I have myself spent around forty years in the halls, classrooms and laboratories of this distinct faculty  and  also down the various