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Faculty for Factory Grant ـــ Call for Proposals


According to the Presidential decree number 218/2007, under which the Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF) was founded, the STDF mandate is to promote Science and Technology (S&T) through funding scientific research and technology development in a way that supports the complete cycle of innovation. The STDF vision is to act as a tool of change for the improvement of the life of Egyptians. Its mission is to generate a critical mass of human, logistic and infrastructure resources that are needed for a complete cycle of innovation. Consequently, the STDF’s specific objectives are to fund S&T activities, develop innovation capacity, enhance and monitor S&T systems and develop appropriate and flexible funding mechanisms for S&T. A major component of the STDF’s general plan is to implement its objectives within the context of the national S&T development strategy, which is the direct product of the Higher Council of Science & Technology and the individual strategies of the Egyptian Ministries.

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