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Faculty Objectives

Engineering is the profession in which knowledge of basic science is applied alongside knowledge gained through engineering study, experience and practice to develop and innovate methods, methods, machines and devices for the optimum use of materials, resources and nature forces for the benefit of human society. Therefore, the college works through its scientific departments which cover most of the disciplines required by the labour market to achieve the following objectives:

• Preparing a graduate who can apply engineering science and methods in working life, capable of making decisions and dealing with crises, familiar with the means of technology modern and how to deal with it, able to compete in the labour market under the new and changing circumstances of the international community.

• To contribute to the preparation of specialized technical personnel in the various fields that correspond to the needs of society and which are required by the areas of overall development and the provision of qualifications in the new and updated disciplines required by the labour market.

• Provide a distinctive education that contributes to the numbers of scientists, intellectuals and creators who represent the real wealth of society's progress.

• Continuous development of study programmes and postgraduate programmes to keep abreast of scientific and technological progress. Conducting scientific and applied research and studies that are linked to the problems of society and development programmes in the Egyptian level.

• Providing advisory expertise to productive bodies and institutions and the services sector in order to serve the environment and develop society.

• Supporting and documenting cultural and scientific links with scientific institutions and engineering colleges in Arab and international universities.

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