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Dear children students of the Faculty of Law


At the beginning of a new year, after the glorious revolution toppled the corruptive and oppressive system, I welcome you in Faculty of Law the  balance  of truth and Justice.


Dear children:


In a world free of holiness, and due to crisis of conscience, and falter, religious morality and the inability of the will, to resist the evil within the human psyche, there is a need of human societies to the law, in order to leverage the value of rights, which hold  blood and symptoms, and its preserved money and values.


Dear children:


 Truth and justice are the essence of the law and its purpose, and the names of God Almighty, and his message on the ground argued in favor of the oppressed, and won the right to whatever the sacrifices.


And for truth and justice, we offer you this guide, including what your rights and obligations of you, in different areas, namely the system of study and examinations, and disciplinary rules and regulations, activities and specialized centers, and departments


Finally, it is a pleasure to offer you congratulations on the new year and I hope in the future is bright, so go straight  forward for Egypt one hand and one heart and one goal.


 Wishing you success and luck

Prof. Mohamed saad Mohamed Khalefa 



تقرر بمشيئة الله تعالى مناقشة رسالة الدكتوراه المقدمة من الباحث / هشام احمد ابو زيد عبد اللاه  


تقرر بمشيئة الله تعالى مناقشة رسالة الدكتوراه المقدمة من الباحث / أحمد السيد على محمد  


اعلان لطلبة الدراسات العليا عن بدء دورة كمبيوتر بمركز الحاسب الآلى بكلية الحقوق  



  Exam Results

Faculty Mission

1 - Graduation qualified and trained on the exercise of legal acts And legitimacy, which is closely linked disciplines of law departments (General And private) and Islamic law, economics and public finance.
2 - dissemination of knowledge and deepen the scientific research in those disciplines.
3 - Participating in community service and development environment through raising awareness of the legitimate And legal and legal advice and training in the areas of specialization mentioned For all bodies involved in our surroundings.

Faculty Vision

College works hard to be a tributary of science and knowledge in Egypt in the field of legal science and legitimacy, and building for generations and generations behind the armed
Science and legal knowledge and legitimacy are able to work in all bodies Judicial and legal institutions and the legitimacy and the free professions working in the community Domestic and international


About Faculty :

bullet It was established in 1975 bullet It is located in Assiut, about 375 km south of Cairo in Upper Egypt. bullet About 20285 students have been graduated from the faculty since 1979. bullet The faculty has four departments.

Contact us:

Address : Faculty Of Law - ASSIUT UNIVERSITY, EGYPT


Phone: +20-88-332160  ,  +20-88339300

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