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Journal of Engineering Science (JES)


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This form must be signed and returned with your final manuscript to:  Journal of Engineering Science (JES), Assiut University, Faculty of Engineering, Assiut, Egypt*.


The author(s) warrant(s) that the above cited manuscript is the original work of the author(s) and has never beenpublished in its present form.


The undersigned, with the consent of all authors, hereby transfers, to the extent that there is copyright to be transferred ,the exclusive copyright interest in the above-cited manuscript (subsequently called the “work”), in this and all subsequent editions of this work, and in derivatives, translations, or Ancillaries, in English and in foreign translations, in all formats and media of expression now known or later developed, including electronic, to the JES subject to the following.


     The undersigned author and all coauthors retain the right to revise, adapt, prepare derivative works, present orally ,or distribute the work provided that all such use is for the personal, noncommercial benefit of the author(s) and is consistent with any prior contractual agreement between the undersigned and/or coauthors and their employer(s).


     In all instances where the work is prepared as a “work made for hire” for an employer, the employer(s) of theauthor(s) retain(s) the right to revise, adapt, prepare derivative works, publish, reprint, reproduce, and distribute the work provided that such use is for the promotion of its business enterprise and does not imply the endorsement of the JES.


     No proprietary right other than copyright is claimed by theJES.

     If the manuscript is not accepted by the JES or is withdrawn by the author(s) prior to acceptance by the JES, this transfer will be null and void. Moreover,   the form and all materials related to the work submitted to the JES will be destroyed.


SIGN HERE FOR COPYRIGHT TRANSFER [Individual Author or Employer’s Authorized Agent (work made for hire)]

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Note: the undersigned agree to indemnify and hold harmless the JES from any damage or expense that may arise in the future.

* Failure to return this form will result in the manuscript’s not being published.