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Assiut Scientific Nursing Journal (asnj)

Instructions to the authors

ASNJ - welcomes original scientific nursing contributions from all nursing researchers in Egypt and Arab Countries. Articles will be considered for publication in the nursing field provided they have not previously been published elsewhere.

Before submitting a manuscript the authors must note the following

Articles should be type-written clearly in line and half spacing on a sheet of A4 paper (21 X 29.7cm) with a margin of 2-3cm all round on one side of the page only Spelling should be consistent throughout the paper and according to Oxford Dictionary. Three (3) paper copies of the research. Copy on C.D; line on the Times New Roman, font size 14 font, size 16 headings is to provide a paper copy after adjusting arbitration and Review Committee for the Liberation of the magazine and a copy of CD .Views version: The version for two issues a year (June - December)

Manuscripts should be set out as follows

A title page

Includes title of the articles. names of the authors and the department and institution to which the manuscript should be attributed. The name of the author to whom correspondence may be addressed should be indicated .


Consists of very brief statements of what was done, results obtained and pertinent conclusions ,Not exceeding 200 words, should be included . it should state the aim of the study, subjects and methods, important findings , conclusion , recommendation and Arabic summary. The abstract should end by keywords in the research.

The text

This should be arranged in the following orders:

1.Introduction including aim of the work
2.Material (or patients) and methods
3.Results (legends to figures): present your results in logical sequence in the text , tables , and illustration .Do not repeat in the text all the data in the tables or illustrations after all Tables /Figures are illustrated then the informative description will do for them.  legends should be typed double-spaced on a separate sheet and numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals according to the order of their citation in the text legends should be brief and specific.


should appear in the manuscript as near as possible to the place where they are referred to in the text and expressed in a simple way as possible


Photographs should be in clear, of good quality glossily prints. The figure should provide enough information.


Emphasizes the new and important aspects of the study and the conclusion that follow from them relate the observations to other relevant studies.

Conclusions & Recommendations

A conclusion may review the main points of the paper followed by recommendations


They should be limited to those cited in the text. The list of the references at the end of the manuscript should be written in accordance with their place in the text. When quoted in the text they should be written in high small numbers. In the case of more than 2 authors. only the first author plus et al- should be quoted .

References should be as follows

For journal articles

Surname and initials of author(s). year of publication, title, the name of the journal, volume. a number of the page. For example Huston. J.M . (1985) . A biphasic model of the hormonal control of testicular descent, Lancet, 67: 419-422 .

For books

Surname and initials of author(s). year of publication, the title of  book, edition, city, publishing press, page of specific reference. For example Jones, C.J., and Smith, T.H. (1973), Kidney Disease, Boston, Little Brown and Company, Pp 50-58 .

Manuscripts are subject to editorial modification to bring them into the style of this journal. Each article is sent to a consultant to assess the scientific standard of the paper considering its acceptance to publication. Only papers which conform with the journal style are accepted for publication. Failure to submit a manuscript in the journal style may lead to unnecessary delay in publication .

Publication Fee

All editorial communications should he addressed to the Director Editor, Dr. Samah Mohamed, Faculty of Nursing ,Assiut ,University , Assiut
E-mail: asn_jornal@yahoo.com
Tel: 01006712911 &088/ 2335520
Fax: 088 - 2335520


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