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The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University is to provide excellent and distinguished pharmaceutical education through accredited scientific programs and supplying the society with pharmacy graduates able to contribute with the medical team to provide excellent and professional pharmaceutical and health services at the local and regional levels. The faculty encourages developed scientific research that responds to and directed towards the national health needs. It also deepens the pharmacy profession's ethical principles in its graduates, enhances their positive interaction with the surrounding environment and increasing the awareness for the importance of the continuous education
- The faculty of Pharmacy vision, is to provide excellent pharmaceutical education, research, and service activities locally, nationally and globally in a dynamic health care environment.
- It must meet and fulfill the technological and scientific research needs of pharmaceutical industries, governmental and community requirements.
- It must positively contribute, in a continuously variable world, to the development of accumulative knowledge.
To fulfill the mission of Assiut University and the mission of faculty of Pharmacy, the goals of the faculty are set forth as the following:
Goal 1:
Prepare pharmacy graduates with the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and abilities, to become highly qualified pharmacists.
Goal 2:
Produce pharmaceutical scientists, who through teaching, research and service, contribute to the body of pharmaceutical knowledge.
Faculty Dean
Dean's word

My dear students:
Happy year for you and your families. I hope you good luck in your study in your honorable faculty which has completed 50 years from its foundation in 1960. The first graduated students were in 1965/1966, their number was 29 pharmacists. Our faculty continuing its mission in education, and now the number of pharmacists reach 11634.