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The faculty has got the certification of ISO 9001 / 2008 in the following scope: Provision of educational services in pharmaceutical science at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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Dean's word

My dear students:

Happy year for you and your families. I hope you good luck in your study in your honorable faculty which has completed 50 years from its foundation in 1960. The first graduated students were in 1965/1966, their number was 29 pharmacists. Our faculty continuing its mission in education, and now the number of pharmacists reach 11634. The faculty has got the ISO 9001/2008 certificate and it was the first faculty who got it in Upper Egypt. Our faculty has finished the requirements of accreditation according to CIQAP project. I hope that you completed your education and be beneficial to your country.

Faculty Mission

  The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University is to provide excellent and distinguished pharmaceutical education through accredited scientific programs and supplying the society with pharmacy graduates able to contribute with the medical team to provide excellent and professional pharmaceutical and health services at the local and regional levels. The faculty encourages developed scientific research that responds to and directed towards the national health needs


Faculty Vision

- The faculty of Pharmacy vision, is to provide excellent pharmaceutical education, research, and service activities locally, nationally and globally in a dynamic health care environment.
- It must meet and fulfill the technological and scientific research needs of pharmaceutical industries, governmental and community requirements.
- It must positively contribute, in a continuously variable world, to the development of accumulative knowledge.


Faculty objectives

To fulfill the mission of Assiut University and the mission of faculty of Pharmacy, the goals of the faculty are set forth as the following:
Goal 1:
Prepare pharmacy graduates with the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and abilities, to become highly qualified pharmacists.
Goal 2:
Produce pharmaceutical scientists, who through teaching, research and service, contribute to the b





-   Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 1960, as pharmaceutical departments follow the faculty of medicine (Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmacognosy & pharmaceutics), then became independent (Faculty of Pharmacy) since 1967.

-   It is considered the third one after Cairo and Alexandria pharmacy faculties. It is the fifth faculty in Assiut University.

-   The first group awarded the degree of B. Sc. in pharmaceutical sciences on 1965/1966 (29 graduates).

-   Faculty of Pharmacy has awarded the degree of B. Sc. in pharmaceutical sciences to 11634 graduates through the period from 1965 till now.

-   The study in Clinical Pharmacy program began from 2006/2007 and total number of reached students 205.

- The highly-qualified graduates are distributed allover Egypt and the world occupying many unique professional positions in broad spectrum of institutes, agencies authorities and universities. The Ph. D. holders have found their way into a great number of academic institutions, universities and research centers allover the world.



About The Faculty

The faculty of pharmacy, Assiut University is dedicated to providing, establishing and disseminating the correct pharmaceutical concepts and principles in the faculty graduates in order to enable them to carry out excellent pharmaceutical and health services in the national and regional area.  This in turn, Shall contribute in the development and improvement of the health quality of the citizens residing in these areas.  The faculty is also fostering an understanding of the need for life-long pharmaceutical learning.

On the other hand, the Faculty is supporting pharmaceutical as well as medical research projects which are in the line with the national goals.

The pharmacy program encourages the positive interaction with the surrounding environment and the fruitful cooperation between the pharmacy graduates and other elements of the community.





Assiut University 9th International Pharmaceutical Science Conference



 On the behalf of the organizing committee, you are cordially invited to participate in the Ninth International Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference, held in Assiut Governorate. on 12th & 13th March 2014   ............ More


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