* Program Vision:

Achieving medical and distinction providing integrated treatment service and positive interaction with medical teams on the regional level.
* Program Mission:

Clinical pharmacy program (credit hours system) , Faculty of pharmacy, Assiut University, aims to graduating a clinical pharmacists, qualified by the most recent pharmaceutical and medical concept and able to deal with medical teams to provide distinctive treatment service, and to conduct research for community service.
* Program Objectives:

1- Prepare qualified pharmacists able to efficiently work in the multidisciplinary pharmacy field through studying of pharmaceutical and clinical courses according to the student's bylaw.
2- Apply most recent techniques of interactive teaching and encourage participation of students in active learning.
3- Establish the principle of lifelong-learning through implementation of continuous-pharmacy education and activate the cooperation with the faculties of Medicine and Nursing in pharmacy teaching and training.
4- Promote the pharmacy profession of the faculty of pharmacy graduates – Assiut University after receiving pharmacy education and training with enhanced medical Knowledge.
5- Minimize the risks of therapy and avoid undesirable drug interactions and medication errors and improve the pharmaceutical care service in hospitals, resulting in reducing the mortality rates.
6- Improve the quality of health provided to patients that leads to improved patients equality of life.
7- Save the expenditure on health care through the rational and pharmaco-economic use of medicines in hospitals which is reflected in improved quality of care in hospitals and increased capacity to accommodate patients.
8- Illustrate the unique role of pharmacist in providing pharmaceutical care services that contributes to promote health and rapid-recovery.

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