- Mission:

Provision of distinguished pharmaceutical education through accredited scientific programs to qualify highly efficient pharmacists who are able to actively contribute in improving community health care and competing in the national and regional work markets. Further, consolidation of the ethics of pharmacy profession graduates, implementing the value of self-learning and conducting novel scientific research that would take part in developing the drug industry and meeting the health needs of the community.

- Vision:

Pioneering of pharmaceutical education, scientific research and community service at both national and international levels.

- Objectives:

To fulfill the mission of Assiut University and the mission of faculty of Pharmacy, the goals of the faculty are set forth as the following:
Goal 1:
Prepare pharmacy graduates with the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and abilities, to become highly qualified pharmacists.
Goal 2:
Produce pharmaceutical scientists, who through teaching, research and service, contribute to the body of pharmaceutical knowledge.
Goal 3:
Promote pharmaceutical research and knowledge generation through the acquisition of extramural funding and published research data.
Goal 4:
Build and nurture an environment, which satisfies work, career opportunities and professional growth for the faculty and staff.
Therefore staff should be:
- Participate in professional meetings to stay current in their area of specialization.
- Develop a shared vision for achieving the mission of the College.
- Provide a mentorship program that enhances the skills and abilities of colleagues.
- Have access to adequate resources to build and nurture a fun, high-energy team that rewards creative actions and realizes individual aspirations.
Goal 5:
Provide programs, resources, and services to the community.

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