Name of Journal: Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Bull. Pharm. Sci., Assiut University)
- Abstracted and Indexed by CA and IPA (ISSN_1110-0052)
-Edited by The Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University.

Editorial Board

Prof. Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed Sheha, Dean Editor in Chief
Prof. Gihan Nabil Hassan Fetih, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and ResearchAssociate Editor
Prof. Samia Galal Ahmed Abdel Moty, Head of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Department Editor
Prof. Amany Sayed Ahmed Mohammad, Head of Pharmacognosy DepartmentEditor
Prof. Hassan Refat Hassan Ali, Head of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry DepartmentEditor
Prof. Maha Abdel-Azeem Hassan Mohamed, Head of Pharmaceutics DepartmentEditor
Contact Informations (private Communications and payment should be addressed to):
Editorial Secretary, Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tel.: 002-088-2080369 Fax: 002-088-2345631
e-mail address:

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