Name of Journal: Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Bull. Pharm. Sci., Assiut University)
- Abstracted and Indexed by CA and IPA (ISSN_1110-0052)
-Edited by The Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University.

Editorial Board

DeanEditor in Chief
Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and ResearchEditor
Head of Medicinal Chemistry Department for Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Departments Associate Editor
Head of Pharmacognosy DepartmentAssociate Editor
Head of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry DepartmentAssociate Editor
Head of Industrial Pharmacy Department for Industrial Pharmacy & Pharmaceutics DepartmentsAssociate Editor
Contact Informations (private Communications and payment should be addressed to):
Editorial Secretary, Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tel.: 002-088-2080369 Fax: 002-088-2080774

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