The mission of the Department of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Faculty of Pharmacy aims at teaching the fundamental principles of organic chemistry for studying the structures and typical reactions of the important classes of organic compounds, with an overview of different chemical and spectroscopic methods that could be used for identification and structure elucidation of organic compounds. Also, developing the study of the pharmaceutical organic chemistry with focusing on illustration of its synthetic, mechanistic, and industrial applications within the pharmaceutical industry. The eatters are the basic concepts and skills which are prerequisites for the next courses. In addition, the mission encourages the positive reaction with the surrounding environment.

The department's vision is to play a leading role in research, innovative education and creation of important new knowledge that is conveyed to our students. The exciting current researches range from immunomodulators, anticancer compounds, asymmetric synthesis of optically active derivatives, functional polymers, carbohydrates, in addition to computer-aided drug design. The education of our undergraduate and postgraduate students encompasses not only transfer of knowledge, but also training to be tomorrow's leaders in academe, government, and industry.

Learning The department places students at the center of its intersts and provides innovative learning opportunities to a broad range of diverse students, from undergraduate to postdoctoral. The educational experience in our department stimulates critical thinking skills, prepares students for careers in pharmaceutical organic chemistry fields, motivates scientific literacy, and promotes lifelong scientific learning. We offer multiple avenues to link our discovery and educational efforts to create a first-rate learning environment.
Discovery The department consists of a diverse community of professors who seek a deeper understanding of the pharmaceutical organic chemistry world and who apply that understanding to a wide range of challenging technological problems. This interplay leads to highly creative interdisciplinary and collaborative research involving interactions both within and outside the department.
Engagement The department pursues vigorous involvement in the pharmaceutical organic chemistry fields by partnering with the community in our educational and research efforts. In this way we contribute to the vitality of scientific and technological development regionally, nationally, and internationally. The active engagement significantly enhances the learning experience and stimulates innovative research developments.

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