Pharmaceutics is an essential branch of pharmaceutical sciences. It is the only branch that is studied and practiced by pharmacists and pharmacy students only. Pharmaceutics can be defined as the art of dosage form design. It includes all aspects of converting a pharmacologically active entity (either natural or chemically synthesized) into a safe and effective dosage form that can be easily administered by patients. Pharmaceutics is a multidisciplinary science. The dosage form design requires a solid chemical, physical and biological background. It also concerns with following the pharmacokinetics of drugs and how it can be adjusted to ensure safe and effective dosage forms. Recent advances in pharmaceutics include designing drugs at the molecular level where pharmaceutics and molecular biology are combined to serve in designing non-conventional drug delivery systems based on proteins, peptides and various nucleic acids.

Faculty of Pharmacy-Assiut University was established in 1960, as pharmaceutical departments follow the faculty of medicine (Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmacognosy & pharmaceutics), then became independent (Faculty of Pharmacy) since 1967.Department of Pharmacutics was established by Prof. Dr. Ali Kasem.

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