The Department of Pharmacognosy at the Faculty of Pharmacy - Assiut University aims to contribute to the establishment of a distinguished educational institution to graduate qualified pharmacists capable of competing in the local and regional labor market, as well as linking scientific research to the needs of society and benefiting from the surrounding environment.

To provide distinguished education in the fields of drugs and medicinal plants at the global level and to achieve a leading position in the field of natural products research.

• Preparation of graduates with the knowledge skills and practical abilities that make them at a high level of quality when facing the challenges of work and the public through:
•Teaching the basics of pharmacognosy, including the identification of medicinal plants, chemical active constituents, methods of extraction, identification of their structure, studying their analytical methods and their effect in treating diseases.
• Teaching herbal medicine and nutritional supplements and quality control of herbal medicines using modern chromatographic and spectral methods to standardize these medicines and ensure their quality as pharmaceutical products.
• Clarifying the direction and field of herbal medicine through continuous and renewable research and treatment of endemic diseases
• Developing the pharmacy service by providing safe and effective natural medicines
• An advisory center for the manufacture of medicinal plants and natural products

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