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Faculty of Science, Assiut University is for higher education and scientific research in the field of basic sciences to fulfill the mission of the University complying with the moral and religious ethics, through:

• Preparing generations of researchers and specialists in the scientific research for educational and industrial centers.

• Offering the best educational services in basic science for the B.Sc. students to acquire the required skills through education programs based on the national standards.

• Participating in the development of basic sciences (Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology) via the post-graduate research programs.

• Exploiting the faculty human resources, research facilities and expertise to solve environmental problems and to enhance community development.

• Playing a unique role in south valley development studies and performing projects for going out from the narrow valley in the south.



• Building an educational institution that is able to cope with and accommodate the continuing evolution in basic sciences and applications.
• Graduating distinguished generations that are able to compete in the labor market and assimilate modern advanced technology through academic local and global standards and benchmarks.
• Developing and modernization of scientific and research programs.
• Playing an influential role in the development of society through training and educational programs, counseling, and interaction between the institution and community.
• Working on the creation and development of international relations, especially Arabic and African countries through scientific and cultural exchanges.
• Strengthening the national loyalty and maintaining the principles of society and the noble human values.

Fauna Museum

The museum opens to visitors of all ages. It is situated in the ground floor of Zoology Department. It is primarily a reference and research collection, containing three exhibiting halls with more than 3000 specimens of invertebrate and vertebrate animals of Egypt. It includes an Electronic library with about 250 films dealing with the behavior of animals and Zoology courses. It also includes a lab. for preparing histologic and taxidermic specimens. It also includes an Atlas for the Egyptian fauna of the museum.

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